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Meet the Does

KE Paradys Deuces Wild

Flying J Triton X KE Paradys Roll The Dice

Flying J The Grand Dutchess

MCH Flying J Dream Weaver x MCH Flying J Contessa 

KE Paradys Mai Tai

Sol-Orr's Pea Shooter x KE Paradys Willow

KE Paradys Double Dutch

Flying J Triton X Flying J The Grand Dutchess

Flying J Petal

MCH Flying J Dream Maker x MCH Flying J Envy

Flying J Dream Kiwi

MCH Flying J Dream Weaver X Bear Creek's Bindi

Ellie at KE Paradys

Sunset Ridge Twister SSR x Maddie at KE Paradys 

Signature's IAmTheCatInTheHat

MCH Full Circle SamIAm x Redneck Acres Steele Magnolia

Sol-Orr's Pea Blossom

MCH Sol-Orr's Whippoorwill x Sol-Orr's Peapod

Randolph's Lilliana

MCH Randolph's Sinbad x MCH Randolph's Esther

KE Paradys Beautiful Disaster

Full Circle Heartbreaker X Randolph's Lilliana

Blessed Assurance Felina

MCH Westwind Acres Merlot x Springs Run Mimzy

Hair's Yer Goat Flopsy

Sol Orr's Sheldon x Bayshore Drizzle 

KE Paradys Espresso

MCH Randolph's Juneau X Signature's Classy

KE Paradys Half N Half

Sol-Orr's Pea Shooter X Barbie's Lil Fainters Fancy

Sol-Orr's Pearl

Sol-Orr's May Deena

Sol-Orr's Popcorn

MCH Randolph's Jerome X Sol-Orr's Pixie Dust

KE Paradys My Oh My

Sol-Orr's Pea Shooter X KE Paradys Mai Tai

Signature's Classy

MCH Flying J Roulette x Signature's Poison Ivy